FunPro is pulling out of the Party Equipment Industry!

Fun Pro Insurance Suggested Provider

If you haven't heard already...the FunPro program will be closing it's program for new business effective 4/1/15 and sending out non-renewal notices.

Cossio Insurance was chosen to provide insurance for some of their direct customers and we would be able to help anyone receiving these non renewal letters.   If you are currently insured with Funpro you still have insurance until the last date of your policy, no problem there, don’t worry you still have excellent coverage.

Issues you will run into that are being addressed with our program with Nationwide.  We are waiting for approval for Zip Lines, other Mechanical Bulls besides Galaxy, and Zorb Balls. We hope to have that accomplished this week.  We do have other carriers, at a much higher premium that will look at these risks.  If you have had claims, be ready for a rough ride for a couple of years as the premiums are much higher.  We broker with 58 carriers nationwide and have access to the carriers that can place your business.  

You will need to complete a new application and get current loss runs so request them now if you renew in the next 60 days.  If not contact our office with your expiration date and we will put you into our system to contact you 60 days prior to your expiration date.  You can get an editable pdf or use our online application at  If you have any questions or concerns